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Social care is essential, and most be properly resourced. The social care budget has dropped by over £1 billion since 2010, and £1.4 billion since 2005. This is leaving the most vulnerable in our society our in the cold without the help they need to live their lives with dignity. This is another victim of austerity. The government has waged a war on benefit claimants since they came into power, which has not only resulted in less money going to those who need it, but an increase in attacks on disabled people, both physical and verbal. Our leaders are intentionally 'othering' the weak, turning us against each other. My daughter has special needs and the idea that she might live in a future that won't help her when I'm gone, fills me with fear.

On the other hand, we have a tax gap of at least £35 billion a year, maybe up to £120 billion. By closing those tax loopholes, cracking on evasion and funding enforcement properly, we can quite easily reverse the destruction of social care. It's a sign of a civilised society that we look after those weaker and more vulnerable than us, and our government priorities need to reflect that.

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