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So to echo perhaps slightly, it is an absolute scandal, that in one of the richest countries in the world, there are people who are forced to rely on foodbanks - probably around half a million last year. The idea, though, that we help everyone by helping the richest, that wealth trickles down from the top, is utterly false. The share at the top just keeps getting bigger and bigger. [Applause] Thank you. We're at a point where you can earn more from being wealth then by working, and that's incredibly bad both economically and socially. It just means the rich get richer and leave everyone else behind. We need to deal with this level of inequality in society, that means getting rid of tax havens, tackling avoidance, and making sure that those can afford to, pay their share. We need to get money back into the real economy, into people's pockets, not sitting in banks doing nothing.

Importantly, a major component of this, is that the government needs to spend. When times are hard, the government needs to help the vulnerable in society, not cut them off. Austerity is an ideological deconstruction of the British state, and it needs to stop before it destroys our society. Like many others, I want to see the minimum wage the same as the living wage, and to be tax-free, so that everyone who is employed has enough to get by. Personally, I'd also quite like to see a maximum wage set relative to that minimum. I'm also in favour of both a land value tax, and a basic citizen's income to eradicate poverty completely, both of which have a number of advantages beyond just reductions in inequality.

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