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My name's James Smith, I'm a software engineer, parent, and resident of Horsham for ten years or so, and I'm the parliamentary candidate for Something New. That's our name, and it's what we stand for. We're a new kind of political party, bringing British democracy into the 21st century. Everything's changing, and our institutions are no different. We're here to be party of that change. We want to build a society that's excited by the future, that embraces change and progress, not one that's afraid of it. By embracing that future and working with it, we can all shape the future we want to see, protect what needs protecting, solve the problems that need solving, and rebuild a sense of community that's been driven out of us over the last few decades.

We really in this together, and to express that we've created a political manifesto that's unique. Everyone and anyone, regardless of whether you're a party member or even a registered voter, can go to the website, click on Edit and add your own ideas. It's a whole new way of collaborating to build a vision of a better future. It's a vision of a society where every citizen can have their say, where everyone's fundamental rights are protected, and where we can make the tough decisions to make sure that our society doesn't destroy the environment it depends upon.

We know that you care more than ever about the world, but that our system doesn't hear you. I want us to build a better system, together.

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