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And what we end up with, at the end, is a page, like that. And this is all automatically generated, all the stuff is in the CSV files and in that data package. And then when you come to actually look at the data, here's the data, rendered in the same way. So all this is turned into these html pages from that raw CSV, there's no other copy, and if you hit that download button over there you'll get that original CSV file. So, in a way, we've kind of rolled our own data portal. Which is pretty cool. But for an individual piece of data, so we don't need data portals anymore, we can just do it all this way. And so yeah, there's my map, there's a code, a UNSPSC code for maps, it didn't... Facebook advertising, there wasn't one I suppose. T-shirt printing was a hard one to find. [Laughter] Twenty quid this cost me. Anyway, that's basically it. That's the data adventures that I've had on this project. There'll be many more. But I'd just like to finish with a though about openness in general.

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