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So we have our stuff in CSV funds, standard form. We published it, again, through GitHub. We have the CSVs uploaded into a GitHub repository where you have the CSV files themselves, and a data package, which is a JSON file which then points to the different CFVs and tells you what that schemer is for instance. So it tells you what all the fields means and where the files are so that you can just look at this one thing and discover everything else. We validate it with one of the tools that we created here at the ODI, called CSVLint. It actually checks the CSVs to make sure they're well formed, make sure they fit the right schemer and so on. So we validated with that. And it's published through GitHub pages. So GitHub, if you have some files stored in their repositories, if they're in a particular format it will take those files and turn them into web pages. In a fairly simple way through this thing called Jekyll. But it's all published with that and I'll show you in a second.

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