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Unincorporated associations, I suspect these are one of the things, because I can't work out what they are, but who I've actually paid for the rental of the room, I suspect they just an association, and of course they don't have any identifier or exist in any clear way. So that's more awkward. I'm not sure how to deal with that one. And one of the most disturbing is parish councils. Now you'd think this would be easy, the LGA, the Local Government Association, publish standard URIs for different areas of government, for different councils, things like that. They go down to the district level, which is great. They don't go down to the parish level. But I've bought some things from parish councils and I want a URI. So I asked on Twitter and got the response of "Actually, I'm not sure there's even a list." And that's quite disturbing. People always sort of say, "We've worked with this huge company, and the first thing we had to do was make a list of their buildings" and I always think "How can that be true?" These are the building blocks, the lowest level of our democracy. They're real things, they have real power, they have real elections going on, and if we're going to publish election data we're going to have to reference them, and we don't even have a list. Somebody might need to do something about that. We might need to actually make a list of parish councils and give them URLs. There's probably an OpenCouncils project somewhere out there waiting to be done. So, yeah, I've given up on that. Because I've got no idea.

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