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But when you get into supply URIs, it's trying to uniquely identify the suppliers so people can see who you're paying, really who you're paying. It's quite interesting. Obviously it start with companies that you're buying things from. And this is where OpenCorporates comes into it's own. So they have company information all across the world, millions of companies now, and they each have a nice unique URI, that you can link to, that you can reference. And that was absolutely amazing. They don't have everything yet because I don't think they have Delaware companies, and I think the people we are buying our website services from I think are probably Delaware registered, so I couldn't link them yet. But, it's a good start. One of the things I had to buy from was a charity, and that got a bit more awkward. I went to look at the Charities Commission website and they had a search form. That was good. But it didn't really link to anything that I could link to. There wasn't anything that I could say, "Here's an identifier for this charity." But then someone pointed me at OpenCharities, which is trying to do the same kind of thing as OpenCorporates but for charities. So there is a page and a URL and the information. So we can actually link to them as well. That's great.

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