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One thing's the most recent thing that I've done on the data front is party finances. So we've actually started spending some money, we don't exist as an organisation technically yet. But I've started spending money so we need to track it. And I thought, "Well, how does all this get published?" You know, what happens there? And I went to talk to Ian McGill who some of you may know from Spend Network and said "How do all the parties publish their data?" and he went, "Pah. They don't, really. Or it's in a complete mess." And then I said, "How would you want them to?" And he said "Well, if I could have my dream, I'd have all these things. I'd have buyers and unique identifiers for them. I'd have suppliers and unique identifiers for them. The different amounts obviously but then codes so I can them merge things together and find out what people are actually buying. And so we did that, we made this schemer, designed with Spend Network, so that they can pull it into their systems really easily and expose all of our spending through their systems. In a way that people can understand. So, there's a few interesting things in here. I was putting in things that I'd bought, and I needed a URI for me. So I thought, "Hang on. What is my URI? What is my unique identifier. I don't know." And I wasn't really sure what it was supposed to be. And then I read around a bit and read about, remembered about things like Open ID, and in the end I just made myself one up. So I created an identifier for myself, at That is now me, that's my personal identifier. So that was an interesting thing.

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