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The other thing is within the constituency there are loads of Wards as well. This is a horrible image taken from my blog, sorry about the awful quality. These are the different wards within the constituency, the different areas that each vote separately. They sort of represent kind of where people live, and what I was thinking "Well I should go be in front of everyone, I should get to where they are, I should go and talk to them." Be at least out in all the wards at least once. And so I thought, "Right, what are they? And where shall I go first? And what order shall I do them in?" So I thought "Ha ha. Let's get some more data." So, again, looking at the OS election maps to find all those things, they use the same statistical geography identifiers as all the other government data, so it's linked for those other things, and it means you can go and look at the ONS data from the census, and it's all reported from the same areas, which surprised me that it was actually that easy. And it means that I've got this nice list of all these Wards and they vary massively in size. The biggest one, South Water, is more than three times the size of the smallest one, Rudgwick. Again, that's quite interesting. But it does tell me where I need to be focusing at which time and so on. I actually have a plan to visit all of them in the New Year and then to do the biggest ones this year as well, so I'd get to some of them twice. I have been doing that, getting the word's out's quite difficult, so I might now leave most of it till next year. But next year I will be going to visit in order, just about in order, until just near the election I'm hitting the larger ones. And so that was useful.

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