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Obviously now I wanted this on my wall. I wanted a map on my wall that I could look at everyday and go "Ah..." [Laughter] Or something, I don't know. I don't actually do that, that'd be weird. [Laughter] So I did. I got a map. [Laughter] The interesting thing is, while the Ordnance Survey will print you a custom map, and it's this big and it's lovely, you can run your hands across it, you can feel the print where they've digitally printed it, it's beautiful, you can feel the topography. You can't get them to print an electoral boundary on it. So the first thing you have to do with you brand new map is draw on it in felt tip. [Laughter] Which took a while because some of the boundaries are really fiddly. In the end I just started going "Oh, it's about here." So there might be a few people on the edge who aren't technically on my map. And this bit's in green because I started using the wrong colour. [Laughter] So, I ruined the whole thing at the beginning really, but it's fine.

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