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The next thing I started looking at was maps and there's some cool maps. Because I know I live in Horsham, but what's the constituency? What's is actually cover? I don't really know. So, the Ordnance Survey have a really nice website, they have an election maps website, that has all this information on it. You can go and search for the constituency and it shows all the boundaries of the electoral areas, right down to the Ward level. And so you can see, this is Horsham. Yeah, I didn't know we had this bit. That's was surprising. Taken a great big bite out of... this actually used part of this constituency, which is now a really weird shape. I can't help thinking there should be some more mathematical way of deciding these things. But anyway, that's what I've got to work with. It's quite rural, we've got a couple of... we've got Horsham and then a couple of other large villages I suppose, but mostly quite rural.

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