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One interesting thing about the costs is that it actually meant I could go and look and work out what I needed to spend in order to get a leaflet through every door. I discovered the Royal Mail will send something around for you - you get as a parliamentary candidate, one free leaflet from the Royal Mail. Not a free leaflet, sorry, a free delivery from the Royal Mail. There are 47,000 households, so if I print 50,000 leaflets I can get a message to everybody, and that only costs £1,500, so that leaves me to think all those parties that couldn't raise that. You know, there were plenty of other small parties, the guy who was standing as an Independent for instance, who spent nowhere near that, what was he actually trying to do? I'm not entirely sure. But that gives a really good idea of what I need to spend to participate properly, and it seems surprisingly accessible. It seems disturbingly doable. At least to participate, not to actually win, obviously. I'm realistic about this - it's fine.

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