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And, the one interesting thing here was that I'd always been confused why I'd never got a leaflet from the Green Party in the last election. I mean, they had a candidate, didn't they want me to know? No. No they didn't. They didn't spend anything, a grand total of 0, they just put the guy up on paper. They got 570 votes, but when I first announced, a couple people said "Why are you splitting the Green Party vote?!" [Laughter] I'm not too worried about that. So, yeah, that's quite interesting. There's some really interesting data in here, it's all broken down in terms of how it's spent, when it's spent, and I think there's quite an interesting site to be made around measuring spending against the number of votes gained, around whether people keep their deposits and what the categories are. It's quite fun to explore, but you do have to sort of be looking around the spreadsheets. I think there's a nice website there, but I'll maybe make it after the election. Or, after I've had a rest after the election.

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