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So it began about 15 months, and we ended up with over now 8,500 words of policy and more than 20 contributors - I counted this morning and it was 23. Which is not a massive amount but it's certainly a more diverse pool than the one or two that we started with. And so if we go onto May this year, and I made another unwise decision, which is that I thought, "Oh, hold on. Still nobody's representing what I want out of this, and I have this platform, so all right, let's go for it, I'm going to stand" and I decided to stand for Parliament next year. [Laughter] Um, I don't know what I'm doing. At all. And that's okay, and actually that's good, I think that career politicians and so on... I don't know. I don't really like it as a concept. I'd rather have people who knew other things, with experts to help them obviously, but I think this is okay. So, I have to stand. Does anybody know who that guy is? A few.

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