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And the last thing is who counts the vote? And we have scripts that do this, we have robots, and all things should be run by robots if at all possible. [Laughter] When it involves simple matters like counting. So we have, this is the votebot, and it actually lists all the open votes, when people make changes they get added here, we count up how many votes for and against, and abstained, and so on, and so you can actually see everything that's going on, and this is all handled automatically and it gets updated in GitHub's build status flags, which are a way of GitHub knowing that something is okay to get merged in, to summarise. So we actually hook it up to that so when we go and look at the change on GitHub that says "Yes this has passed" or "No this hasn't passed," so we don't merge things by accident. At the moment it does take an admin to merge things, which is slightly annoying, I'd rather have the robot to do that as well, but life is short.

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