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And I tend to get annoyed about that kind of thing, and, a couple of years now, a year and a half ago, at Open Tech, somebody said something in one of the talks that in order to truly change the system, you have to become the system. This was in the context of GDS, who have taken all the amazing work that Civic Tech hackers and things have done outside government and taken it in and become part of the Civil Service and really engage with the system and change it from the inside. And I think that's true. At some point we have to stop sort of tinkering around the edges and become part of it. So, I wrote, again about a year and a half ago, I wrote a blog post in which I became a bit annoyed and ranty about the state of politics and things like that and my own personal opinions on what was going wrong and the fact that I didn't feel that there was anyone representing the kind of future that I want to see, the sort of long-term vision, the optimism, the taking us towards a better future, it all seemed to be about stepping backwards, about closing in, about worrying about us, not us as a species necessarily.

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