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So, we have a bit of a problem in this country in participation in democracy. So, turnout for General Elections is on a steady trend downwards, we have a bit of blip here at the end, but it's a lot lower than we'd like it to be. People are disengaged from their democracy, from their, you know, people feel powerless, really, to control it, and I'm gonna not get political generally, apart from to put that up. [Laughter] When people feel powerless, they tend to, you know, the easy answers tend to win and it becomes easy to convince people of certain things if you've got a nice easy answer. But I don't believe in that. I think we've got really big problems but we don't really have the political will to solve them, and the current institutions that we have don't really show any sign of dealing with those - the long term problems that we need to deal with.

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