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I'm just going to talk a bit today about a project I've been doing and will be doing for the next little while. All around democracy. But I'm specifically going to talk about the data. First of all who am I? I mean some of you know me, but not all. I work here at the ODI, I'm a developer, and I've been an engineer for sixteen or so years, something like that. I'm a parent, I've been a parent for six years and also I'm quite an activist in terms of trying to solve problems that are out there. And, I'm an optimist as well, so I'm trying to, I believe that we can make the world a better place, however naive that might be. An important point to note at the beginning of the talk is that while I work at the ODI, this is not about anything that I'm doing at the ODI, this is a completely separate project, and I'm sure Gavin would want me to state that with a nice big logo. [Laughter] So whatever I say here is not the opinion of the ODI.

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