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To sum up, the country needs Something New. We need vision and optimism. We're not going to build a better future with fear, and misplaced nostalgia. We need to embrace the future, and make it work for everyone. We have to build a government that's transparent, and accountable, where there's no place for back-room deals. That's rational, that deals with issues in a mature way, not that's based on the front page on today's papers. And that's internationalist, keeping the UK status on the world stage, as a leader in international organisations, not as a lonely outsider.

We have to defend our free society, defending freedom of speech, association and privacy. We need to stop our intelligence agencies from treating us all as if we were terrorist suspects, and we have to defend our public realm from all attacks, whether from ideological cuts, or from badly-made international trade agreements. We have to learn to work together, to collaborate on a national and global level, to build the society of the future.

But if you take away only one thing, remember this: democracy isn't finished, we can take it forwards, and make it better. Come and help us build our manifesto. It's about you, and it's important that your voice is heard. Come and be part of Something New.

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