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Something New is all about an optimistic future. We're ready to face up to the challenges that previous generations have left us, and handle them better than they did. We're ready to deal with climate change, financial instability, resource limits and our housing crisis. Our political class sees young people as disengaged, disenchanted with politics, and doesn't respond to their needs.

We know it's different. We know that young people, and by that I mean half the country, not just some small demographic, are actively engaged with politics, with the way they want their country to be. They're just let down by a system that doesn't hear them and sidelines them as something to be ignored. So what will we do for the younger generation? That's not the question.

The question is, what sort of country is the younger generation going to create for its self? We're the generation of the network, who're better connected than any human civilisation has ever been. We have enormous power. Let's use it together to build a better society, to engage in the system we have now, and change it. So, what will the world look like in 40 years, when we're the ones who're old and grey? I want to be able to look back and say that our generation was the one who pulled humanity back from the brink of climate change, that managed the biggest energy transition humanity has ever seen and that built a long-term sustainable society at a planetary scale. The generation that fixed everything the previous century left for us to tidy up. We're up to the challenge. Let's get on with it.

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