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A diverse society makes us stronger, better. Fear of immigration is highest in areas where there is least. The rhetoric over immigration, which is being driven by UKIP, is utterly out of proportion. We hear about benefit tourism, of people coming here just to take advantage of the NHS. Let me state very plainly that numbers are clear, that this is a tiny, tiny problem. Yet we talk about it like it's destroying our society. That is a lie. There are already limits on what benefits new migrants can receive. And don't forget, almost everyone who comes here does so to work. The image of an immigrant family sitting around on the dole, living like kings, is a vicious lie. Nothing more.

Immigration is essential for our economy, especially with an aging population. We need younger people to work to pay their pensions. It also builds a stronger, more vibrant society. We live in a globalised world now. Disliking and fearing people because of where they're from, is completely outdated. And let's not forget, free movement in the EU goes both ways. There are a huge number of British citizens living abroad, in the EU and beyond. We don't call them immigrants though. We call them ex-pats.

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