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In the UK, we're incredibly proud of the NHS, and rightly so. It's one of our greatest achievements. We hear a lot about how the NHS is in crisis - "It's all going wrong" - you never hear the good news. We never talk about how wonderful the NHS is, how it's one of the most effective health services in the world. Something New are dedicated to keeping the NHS 100% publicly owned and free-to-use.

Health and medical care is a fundamental human right, and we should protect it for everyone. What we would like to see though is the NHS being taken out of the hands of politicians. While it must remain owned by the public, it's far too tempting for governments to meddle and apply top-down reforms that all too often just make matters worse.

Let's create a public institution with it's own charter, democratic controls, that get party politics out of it. Let's stop mucking around with it, and concentrate on creating the best possible care for patients. We can have a health service that's agile, innovative, and ready for the future. Big changes are coming to healthcare. Let's concentrate on making it work for people, not on carving up the national treasure to sell to the highest bidder.

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