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Everything's changing, and our democracy is no exception. What will government look like in the future? Well, we think it will look a lot more like you and I. We want to build a society that's excited by the future, that embraces change and progress - not one that's afraid of it. By embracing the future, and working with it, we can all shape the world we want to see. Protect what needs protecting. Solve the problems that need solving. And rebuild a sense of community that has been driven out of us over the last few decades.

At Something New, we've created a political manifesto that's unique. Everyone and anyone, regardless of whether you're a party member or even a registered voter, can add their own policy ideas to it. Imagine Wikipedia, but for building a plan of the future you want to see. It's a whole new way of collaborating to build a truly inclusive vision. It's a vision of a society where every citizen can have their say, where everyone's fundamental rights are protected, where we can make the tough decisions to make sure our society doesn't destroy the environment it depends on.

We believe that a good society is one that cares about all it's citizens... and protects it's most vulnerable. That a good government is one that bases it's decisions on evidence and reason, not ideology. And that a good future needs us all to work together, nationally and internationally. We have it in us to be a great society. Let's build the vision that will take us there together.

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