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A whole list of things. We need a bit of everything. We need people who're going to... I mean locally here I need someone to help going to run the campaign, to get all the administration jobs done, we need people who're going to stand out on the streets handing out leaflets, we need people making noise on social media, we need people sharing and generally getting the message out there, we've just got to get a lot of people involved. We also need to make a lot things, we need to be making videos we can share, more audio, images, all this stuff that people enjoy sharing online that's what will get our message out. Yep, we need a lot of that. So yes, we've got a bunch of volunteers.

One of the things that's really hard actually, that I found really difficult about bootstrapping this, is that even finding the time to get volunteers involved when they've said "Yes, I want to do something" is really hard. Because actually bringing somebody in is really quite difficult and I'm now trying to find a way to get myself out of being the block on that and actually try and shove everyone into one place and hopefully things start to happen and we can just guide. So, just letting go, not even letting go, just getting out the way, I think is always a good way to let things happen.

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