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That's a really good question. We came up with a really nice answer to this on Friday actually which is that asking whether we're left or right here is a very twentieth century way of looking at things. We're trying to go forwards from that to take the best parts from all the political thinking so far, from all of the ways we've tried to do things so far, and move forward. So, we might take the social conscience stuff which more traditionally belongs on the left, with the ideas of decentralisation and so on that come from the right perhaps. And move forwards into the future using technology, using the new ways we have to communicate.

I think I understand where you're coming from saying it could be looked at as technocratic and certainly it's coming from a technical point of view, as far as I'm concerned, but it's really important that it doesn't become a technocracy, ruled by those with the most technology, that's really not what we want. We can use the technology to give everybody access, to give everybody a measure of control, a measure of input, in a way much more than they have at the moment, so we can work together much more effectively using that technology. And we have to use that technology for good, you know we could use all this technology for very many less good outcomes, I think we've got a responsibility to do something right with it.

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