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That's quite an interesting one. The whole thing up to now has been completely voluntary based. Anyone with an internet connection can get involved. Everything's been social media or done on this collaboration platform which we are using for free. So, there's not been any need for that up to now, but obviously when we get into the real campaign, yes, that will be necessary.

There are some basic things like actually standing, you need to have a £500 deposit. Which is not too bad actually when you consider that the EU elections you need at least a £5000 deposit I think and in the London Mayoral elections it's something like 15k. So, it's actually quite accessible compared to a lot of those. And then you've got the cost of actually running a campaign itself.

So, there are caps in place so that you can only spend up to a certain amount. But you do need to have a certain amount to spend, so at the bare minimum to run a reasonable chance of getting people to vote for you, you've got to have a leaflet through every door, and things like that. So, those aspects definitely will need funding. What I'm hoping to do is to work out proper crowdfunding arrangements for this.

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