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It's certainly an influence. It's not probably a major one. What it probably is is that they've both grown out of similar things. So the way I've covered it is more through... so I'm an engineer, I've worked in writing software for a living and I've worked many years with open source software which is software where all the source code to create it is freely available for anybody to look at, to edit, to collaborate on. So I'm used to this very collaborative workflow, and applying that to the idea of policy is kind of where I came at it from, if you like.

There are certainly things in common with what was done with Occupy and things like the group decision making they try to do and so on. Though, I'm not sure of any translation into definite recommendations that happened there. But, there was a lot going on so I'm sure there was some stuff.

So, yeah, we started collaborating on these policy ideas and came up with a way of, you know, proposing a policy, holding it up for inspection. So somebody else would say "OK, that's interesting, but have you considered this?".

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