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I'm not sure it is a binary state, actually, and I don't remember a particular trigger. It was more a slow, coalescence of "this is what ought to be done". It's something I've vaguely considered at some point I might do for years, you know, just being interested in the process. You sort of think, "Oh well, maybe that's something I could do". But, there was never any serious thought behind it.

But about a year ago probably, I just... I can't remember; I read some things, you know, reached a point in my mind of thinking "Well, actually, someone needs to do this", I came to that conclusion that there isn't the option, that the narratives that we're offered are wrong and they're not varied enough so we don't have a functioning democracy. If everyone agrees, you don't have choice and so you don't have a working system.

So, it was about at that point I thought, you know, I came to the conclusion that I know a lot of people who are very engaged in politics and democracy and government, but I don't know any that are actually actively engaging with the system itself. I know a lot of people who are working around the edges on transparency, on accountability and things like that but not who are actually engaging in the system. And I came to the conclusion that you have to do that, about a year ago and I've spent the last year thinking more and more about that and it arrived at the point, at the end of May, where I thought OK, I actually ought to do this.

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