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I think at this point I am expecting... I don't know, it's going to be really, really close. I think it might go to Yes. It'll be very interesting. I mean, like I say, I'd like to see them stay but I'd like to see some consistency in the way things are done in our constitutional arrangements. So there's been people calling for an equivalent devolved English parliament for a long time but... that isn't a fundamentally bad idea if you're going to devolve some things then be consistent about it. You know British institutions are far too full of inconsistency so nobody understands how they work.

In general, the idea of pushing power and pushing responsibility down and distributing it as far as possible is really sensible. So, yeah, I'd like to see more... devolving powers that make sense, as far as possible, down to Councils and things. But also, keeping some things together but being consistent about it so there's not the idea that they get to decide on some things we don't. Or different people being represented in different ways. It produces a system that doesn't engage people with it.

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