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It's a really interesting thing. Personally, if I was in Scotland and had a vote I think I would be voting yes. Mainly because I think there is a lot of frustration with the centralisation of power in Westminster and the Westminster elite that's out of touch with the way that Scotland thinks. The current Conservative government have only one MP in the whole of Scotland and it's been that way for a very long time. It's quite different politically and I think there's a lot of frustration there that comes from that.

In terms of the question that's been posed, which is should Scotland be an independent country? I would not at all blame them for voting Yes. I would be very sad to see them go as being on the southern side of the border. But I think it's a really interesting thing and what I like about the whole situation is that it's bringing constitutional ideas and ideas of how we arrange the country to the fore. And giving Westminster a good kick up the arse which I quite like.

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