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  • I'm James Smith. I'm here at St. John's Hoxton in London for Over The Air 2016. And I've just finished doing a talk this morning about open source democracy in the network age. So about how we can use ideas from open source, online collaboration, and so on to build a better democracy for our future in the age of the Internet and of universal connectivity. At the moment we're operating with the institutions and parties of the industrial revolution. The network revolution, which is really just beginning, will change all of that. It changes our society and it will have to change the institutions as well. So we're trying to build new experiments for that age. I run an open source startup political party called Something New here in the UK. We have an open source manifesto and we stood in the 2015 General Election on that manifesto. We are looking for more people to get involved. If you're dissatisfied with the current state of politics; if you feel that the world is not going in the direction that you believe it should be; if you believe in an optimistic future where humanity can be amazing then we want to build that and we need your help. If you are a developer or a UX designer or a community manager or media or anything at all or you just have ideas. It's all about building something together. And we can do with your help; let's build the future. Come and visit us at