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  • Why has house building on greenfield sites doubled in the past four years when actual new housing numbers have not gone up?

    And why has the government failed to deliver the affordable housing targets?

  • I mentioned earlier what we think of as affordable houses, that it's linked to property prices, not to wages, and that at the same time we have banks and agents as well pumping up those prices. Literally printing money by lending more and more, larger and larger, mortgages, for people to pay back. We need to deal with the bubble that is in the housing market, the bubble that's happened in the last 30 years is quite obviously unsustainable.

  • Do you support plans to build an extra runway at Gatwick?

  • It's a no, I'm not in favour. But I'm also not in favour of airport expansion at Heathrow, I'm not in favour of a Boris Island [applause], or any of these things. Because fundamentally, and I'm going to again kind of reiterate what I said earlier, it comes down to the fact that climate change is a massive problem and we have to deal with it quickly. Aviation is a large contributor to that and anything we do that's heading us in the wrong direction, is just a bad idea.

  • What are your thoughts on the proposal to expand the A27 through ancient woodland and the National Park?

  • I do wonder that if you have a National Park, and you ignore the rules around whether you can develop in it, then what's the point in having a National Park? If we can work on our other forms of transport, our other infrastructure, that I would hope that we could alleviate that pressure without having to drive a new road through it.

  • Do you approve of unconventional oil and gas exploration, given it will not provide energy security as well as renewable energy solutions, is not going to lower energy prices and will provide fewer jobs than investing in renewable energy?

  • You can already guess from what I've said that I'm against fracking. What I want to say is about REPOWERBalcombe, and to reiterate in a little way what Francis said, but I find what they've done absolutely amazing. The fact that that community has not just said "No, we don't want this," they've said "Actually, we've got a better idea, we've got a solution, we're looking at the future optimistically and positively" and I have to say I was very excited when I discovered that Balcombe was in Horsham constituency, because I think REPOWERBalcombe is great and it's the kind of solutions that we need.

  • Does your party accept the need to leave the bulk of fossil fuels in the ground?

    If so, how and when will it tell the energy companies to stop prospecting for them and exploiting them?

  • It has to stay in the ground. One of the big problems that we have though is that is considered an asset by large parts of the financial sector and there is going to be a really interesting impact on the economy. We need to be decarbonising the energy sector by 2030 at the latest. We actually have a policy that there shouldn't be any more fossil fuel vehicles after 2030 as well, so that we're actually decarbonising our transport. We don't have long, we have to deal with this immediately, we have to leave things in the ground.

  • There are many different types of nuclear. I'm definitely pro-nuclear, I don't think we can throw out our entire energy system in one go, we need that base layer of power. There are some really interesting types, for instance if you don't want to build nuclear weapons you can use Thorium power, which is completely different, much safer. We have the nuclear system that we have because we wanted to build weapons with it. There are some interesting stats around it, there's some statistics that are Deaths per Terrawatt Hour, the number people that are killed per Terrawatt Hour of energy generated. Nuclear is right at the bottom, even if you take the worst case scenarios, below solar and wind, because occasionally an engineer falls off a wind turbine. Coal is by far the worst.